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3 Ways to Train Janitorial Managers and Supervisors

Updated: Jun 13

Front line managers and supervisors are the lifeblood of your janitorial business. A poor manager can run off both employees and customers while an excellent manager can lower turnover and increase customer retention. With arguably the hardest job in the company, field managers carry a heavy load. If you want to succeed in the BSC industry, you need top talent in the field. But how can you develop your people into top tier managers?

The answer to this question is training and development.

As I look at my own company, our 20+ managers all come from a variety of backgrounds with differing levels of experience, and different skill sets. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. To get the most out of my team, I must help each manager reach their leadership potential.

There are essentially three ways to train and develop your management team.

First is mentorship. I cannot stress how important it is for older and wiser leaders to invest time and energy in developing their younger counterparts. Some learning is best done face-to-face and mentoring fills that gap.

The second type of learning is good ole education – whether classroom style, books, articles, or training videos. The old saying that leaders are readers rings true. There is no substitute for learning new things to grow your industry knowledge and leadership capacity.

The final type of learning and development comes from peer to peer interaction. Not only can your managers learn from each other, but they can learn from other peers in the industry.

Which training and development methods are you using with your company?

P.S. If you need a good training resource for your team, check out CTU!

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